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Brandi glanville is a terrible mother - nik richie, The dirty army: nik, i know everyone is so tired of brandi's made up drama. i was reading today how she told leann rimes “she can go f*ck herself! well,. Cele|bitchy | brandi glanville throws shade, makes crack, 279 responses to “brandi glanville throws shade, makes crack about leann’s ‘oversized dentures’” comments are closed. we close comments on older posts to. Cele|bitchy | brandi glanville claims she’s ‘a good, 159 responses to “brandi glanville claims she’s ‘a good person who says stupid s–t sometimes’” comments are closed. we close comments on older posts to.

Leann rimes opens up about her 'awkward' encounter with, It doesn't seem like leann rimes and brandi glanville will bury the hatchet anytime soon. in an appearance on "the talk" on monday, rimes dished on a. Celebrity crotch shots: the art of flashing your vagina, Okay ladies, i want to ask you a question. how do you get out of a car, when you're wearing a skirt? a) keeping both legs together, i swing my feet out of. ‘sometimes with these ladies, your only friend is a, Brandi glanville has defended her drunken debauchery, firing back at critics and costars who’ve claimed she needs rehab! as reported, the.

Britney spears’ crotch picture wrap-up (sfw), Hey everybody! let’s not forget my blog tagline ‘when culture pops, we wipe it up…’ so yes now it’s time to wipe up the mess from last week of. Kendall jenner's bikini shot is all kinds of inappropriate, I suppose people see different things. jealous people would see a crouch shot while another opened mined person say, might see roller skates with pink rollers.. Val kilmer has beef with betty white in this year's most, Brandi glanville vs. leann rimes. quite simply, leanne stole brandi's husband, eddie cibrian, and made him her own. since then, <a href="http://www.foxnews.

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